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The Benefits of Fitflop Sandals and Skechers Shape Ups For Your

All of us would like to look our best and many of us are searching for different ways to stay in shape. While dieting and going to the gym can work for some people some of us find excuses not to stick to it. Thankfully a number of sports shoe manufacturers have launched trainer and flip flop ranges that they claim will help improve posture and tone your calf, thigh and buttock muscles.

Fitflops were the first brand to enter the UK marketplace with their range of Fitflop sandals. Fitflop sandals have a chunky base to them that contains something called a Microwobbleboard. This basically means that the sole of the Fitflop has a variable density. The heel is high density to reduce impact, the toe is mid density while the middle is low density. This creates an unstable effect that causes your feet and legs to work more and become stable. The Microwobbleboard can also be found in the Fitflop boots ranges that are fashionable Ugg style boots. This means you can benefit from the effects of the Microwobbleboard when the weather isn't suitable for wearing your Fitflop sandals.

Skechers are another shoe brand that have developed their own range of toning footwear called Shape Ups. Skechers Shape Ups have a broad range of styles including trainers, shoes, boots and sandals. All Skechers Shape Ups contain a kinetic wedge insert that creates a dynamic rolling effect that mimics walking on sand. This causes your heel to sink into the heel of the shoe providing a cushioned support that then forces the rest of your foot to compensate and roll forward. The effect is one that causes your muscles to work to support your body more and therefore helps to develop a more toned and strengthened leg. The other benefits include reducing body fat, improved posture as well as relieving muscle and joint pain.