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How to Spot Fake Christian Dior Handbags

Christian Dior handbag is a designer purse that was designed by the late fashion designer, Christian Dior. Due to the high demand, many companies illegally produced copies handbags that resemble the genuine purses. Before buying, there are several things you must check. By doing so, you will be able to ensure that it is a genuine purse.

The handbag is made in Italy. Many handbags that intend to fake as Christian Dior handbag will say that it is from other countries such as France. The fake handbag will have a label that read "Made in Paris". If you find out that its label state it is made from Paris, you should avoid it. The real handbag has a label that marked "Made in Italy".

Real purses has a dark nylon lining. Fake purses imitate the dark nylon lining by using a monogrammed printed lining instead.

The handbag has a white patent tag that is made from real leather. In the four corners of the tag, there are stitches. The tag is embossed with the words Christian Dior on top and PARIS at the bottom. At the back of the tag, there is an embossed word that says "MADE IN ITALY". The serial code of the handbag is also located on the back of the tag. The serial code consists of BO, letter, and 4 numbers, for example BO A 2565. If the tag has no stitching on every edge, it is a fake. Fake Christian Dior handbag also does not has the word PARIS at the bottom.

To prevent buying fake purses, you should only shop at a reputable store. If you do not know how to check the handbag, you can ask a friend to help you. Your friend must use Christian Dior purses. In addition, she must know all the features of a genuine purse.