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Essential Muay Thai

Most of the techniques used on the offense, that are used in Muay Thai fighting, utilize the students elbows, feet, hands and knees to attack an opponent. Smallish amounts of grappling may be used by the feet, to bind an opponent for defensive or offensive purposes, this action is called the clinch.

The clinch is used by Thai fighters, when they feel someone has crossed the circle of there comfort-ability zone, Thai fighters commonly use the clinch to bind an opponent at the feet and then proceed to attack him with pounds to the ribs, knees, stomach and legs, brutally using there own knees to do so. The usage of knees in this way, is very much applied with Thai fighters, and a good amount of time is spent perfecting there strikes, in particular to knees and elbows.

High Kicks to the head can look impressive during a fight,but well trained fighters commonly say that elbows and knees are much better for applying powerful force to an opponent, and they are also the most injurious. If a fighter has been trained well and long enough, he can easily take the life of a person applying these fighting techniques.

The two most popular styles in Muay Thai, martial arts, techniques are as follows

The roundhouse kick

If carried out in the proper manner, the roundhouse kick is pretty lethal, and can knock someone out to unconsciousness. The roadhouse kick is great for self defense or for competition fights. Thai fighters execute the roundhouse kick with a straight leg then rotate the whole body out from the hip, the hip is then locked quickly before the thrown leg impacts with the opponent.

The low kick

In the Muay thai repertoire of attacks, the low kick is common place, what is instigated, is a circular movement from the the fighter,and a kick thrust into the opponents upper shin. A fight can soon come to an end, if a low kick is stopped or blocked. When a few low kicks are carefully put on an opponent, he will no longer be able to take the force on his legs and will shortly break down.

Fast kicks executed in martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, use a snapping style, and they do have more speed as kicks go, but they inflict less powerful assaults. In the practice of this martial art, stylists are trained to follow up with kicks applied to the shins, instead of the feet. Most of the movements in this brutal fighting style focus on the application of the whole body, utilizing the rotation of the hip every time a stylist punches, blocks or throws a kick. Although these techniques are slower, they have far greater force then techniques observed in Karate or Tae Kwon Do.

Many people already are aware of the legendary aspect of the level of discipline and intensity found in the training undertaken in this fighting art. The goal of this fighting art is to sharpen the weaponry used to a broader degree. Those trained in this martial art may be able to withstand an assault on there person, but on saying that a blow inflicted to the shin area can feel like being hit hard with a hammer.

As an overview Muay Thai is a dangerous and extreme form of martial arts that disciplines in inflicting very harsh and hurtful blows to opponents with little grappling. A highly experienced fighter can with one carefully applied blow, take someone down. Don't have any second thoughts about studying this fighting skill as its one of the most well known sports around today.