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Don't Like Being Cold? - Then Buy Proper Clothing

There is never any need to be cold. Cold is for the unprepared. I am a big believer in enjoying the outdoors, I think kids should spend as much time as possible running around; but I am more than aware that the cold will lower even the healthiest persons immunity.

I specialise being comfortable and am amazed when I look at other people. Obviously there are those who get it right; and congratulations to them. Then there are those who are wearing their entire wardrobe in an effort to stay warm; ten out of ten for effort. Finally there are people who don't seem to understand that bare skin and the cold do not mix.

So, what is the best way to stay warm? There was a time when cotton was king; wearing synthetic clothing meant that you sweated, got heat rash and generally felt uncomfortable. Now there has been a revolution in the fabric world and technology has pushed synthetic clothing to the top.

The modern synthetic such as those used by Columbia and Under Armour are warm, comfortable and they disperse moisture (sweat) meaning that you stay warm, dry and comfortable.

Now you are probably thinking that these are going to cost an arm and a leg. Actually they don't. They are not the cheapest clothes you can buy, but you won't need many of them either.

What should most people have to keep them warm? Firstly you need to start with the under clothes, you need a good vest and set of leggings. If you buy the thin leggings such as the Under Armour ones, you can wear these under you trousers or jeans. The same applies for a vest.

Then you have to think about your outer layers. I am a big fan of the fleeces by Columbia. There are lots of fleeces available and the important thing is to be snug. Realistically you can probably get by with one of these, but two would be easier.

Now all you need a few accessories such as a hat and gloves. So getting properly kitted out for the cold is not about buying a whole new wardrobe, it is about sensible and stylishly supplementing your current wardrobe.

The difference between owning these items of clothing and not is simple. It is the difference between enjoying being outside or getting home and vowing to never do it again!

So get kitted out and start to rediscover your world all over again.