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Adjustable Weighted Training Vests - If You're on a Diet, Here's

For Athlete Or Dieter, The Weighted Training Vest Is A Winner

The weighted training vest has become a secret weapon of choice for both athletes and dieters. Over the past few years these vests have become one of the most popular and effective tools to lose weight as well as to tone the body.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of weighted vests:

1. Improved cardiovascular strength and stamina. The added weight of a vest makes the body work harder in both physical tasks and athletic training routines. Wearing even a lightweight vest of ten pounds is noticeable even in everyday fitness tasks as simple as walking.

2. Wearing a weighted vest has been shown to increase bone strength and density. The use of a vest in everyday routines has also shown to improve posture and back support.

3. Wearing a weighted vest burns calories faster and speeds up weight loss. By wearing a typical twenty pound vest, you increase the rate of calories being burned by your body. This happens because the the body is forced to work harder in performing physical activities.

My own personal experience has shown a significant speed up in weight loss once I started wearing an adjustable weighted vest on my daily walks, hikes, and physical workouts. My weighted vest of choice is a twenty pound adjustable weighted vest.

My friends use up to a forty pound adjustable vest, but a twenty pounder is fine for the average person.

Weighted vests are not just used by athletes and dieters. Weighted training vests are used by fire fighters in training, weekend warriors, law enforcement candidates, and triathletes to gain a competitive edge in their physical training. A few of my friends who train for Iron Man competitions also swear by the benefits of a properly fitted weighted training vest.

Get Your Doctors Okay Before Using A Vest

While weighted training vests are very popular and effective for weight loss, always get your doctors permission to begin using a vest. Always start slow with a little weight at first, preferably ten pounds until your body adjusts to the vest. Usually 2% of your body weight is recommended in the beginning. After your body adjusts to the initial weight, work up to a maximum of 10% of your body weight.

A 20 lb. Adjustable Weight Vest Is Best All-Around

Again, I've found a twenty pound adjustable weight vest to be the all-around best choice for weight loss and overall physical fitness.